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Have you ever noticed that the average American works hard most of their lives so they can live comfortably. After they retire, so many people want to travel, play golf, spend time with their spouse, family, grandchildren, and really start enjoying life. However, health issues such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etcÖand sometimes tragedies strike. They spent so much of their time accumulating money so they could enjoy it later they totally neglected their bodies and their health. Finally when they had the time to relax, their bodies fell apart. Without our health there is no wealth. Some people spend thousands of dollars trying to regain their health through medical testing, medication, and surgery with little or no results.

I think we have this all backwards. Think of all the days illness caused you and your children to miss work or school. I can honestly say that I have never taken a sick day. I believe that we should reward ourselves with wellness days. Wouldnít it be more fun to have a day off and be well than spend it being sick?

I want you to set your priorities for 2003. My values are God, family, health, and my patients. Why does my health come before my patients? Because if I donít take care of myself who is going to take care of you? If you donít take care of your health, what will happen to you? Yes, it costs money to stay well but the real health insurance is wellness care because it enables us to stay well and not waste time and money being sick later in life. Maloof Chiropractic encompasses balancing your physical, chemical, and emotional stress, diet, exercise, breathing, and a positive mental attitude. Letís work together as a TEAM, you and me, because Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

I am fortunate that I love my job. I want to continue to learn on a daily basis how I can help you improve your health so you can live up to your optimum health potential. So many people are just living day-to-day waiting for the weekend. Letís enjoy every moment. When you are at your optimum health, everything looks brighter. A healthy person is kinder, more compassionate and loving.

Help me in my mission to "Heal the Planet". Letís turn our lives to wellness so that we never retire. We can live our lives to the end in a healthful and loving way enjoying the magical moments of life. Love and appreciate yourself enough to say YES, I want to take care of me. It is not being selfish; it is going to allow you to take care of you and your loved ones.

This is how I live my life daily: "To know that one person has breathed easier because I have lived." That is my definition of a successful life. You have the power to change your life for 2003. Let health be one of your top priorities in 2003. I want to help you be the best you can be in 2003.

Love, Blessings, Peace,

Dr. Catherine L. Maloof


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