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Benefits of Walking

While some fitness enthusiasts relentlessly seek out the latest, trendiest exercise crazes, many others are returning to good, old-fashioned walking to help them feel great and get into shape. Whether enjoying the wonder of nature or the company of a friend, walking can be a healthy, invigorating experience. And thanks to its convenience and simplicity, walking just might be right for you too.

Walking accomplishes all of the following and more:

Improves cardiovascular endurance.

Tones muscles of the lower body.

Burns calories: about 80 if walking two miles per hour, and about 107 if walking four and a half miles per hour.

Reduces risk of heart disease.

Quotes of the week

"Keep my words positive, because my words become behaviors. Keep my behaviors positive, because my behaviors become habits. Keep my habits positive, because my habits become my values. Keep my values positive, because they become my destiny." Mahatma Gandhi

"When individuals rise above their circumstances and use problems to push them to become more, they grasp greatness." Nelson Mandela

Walking Tips

Walking just 12 minutes every other day can offer important health benefits. Walking 20 minutes every other day is even better. But in order to increase your longevity, try to eventually work up to 30 minutes, five days per week. Consider the following tips to help you get started safely and smoothly:

Move your arms freely, in coordination with the opposite leg.

Don’t carry weights or dumbbells while walking.

Expect a little soreness in the thighs and calves for the first week or two. If you experience more than soreness, check with Dr. Maloof.

Be sure to drink 8 to ten eight ounces of water a day. If you perspire during walking, you may need to drink even more.

Walk briskly, with "purpose." Simply sauntering, while relaxing and enjoyable, is not an effective form of cardiovascular exercise.

If possible, walk on a cushioned or rubberized track. The cushioning of this type of track absorbs most of the impact of your walking.

Keep in mind that if you have not previously been physically active, you should consult Dr. Maloof before beginning an exercise program. Begin slowly with a walk of perhaps half a mile at a pace that does not cause discomfort. Continue this for about two weeks, then start to increase the pace and length of time walking.

While you may experience pain or injury in a particular area, such as a knee or a hip, the root of the problem may lie somewhere else. Injuries of this nature are not regional, or isolated, but systemic. A problem in the foot or ankle can create an imbalance in every step, leading to discomfort or injury that moves to the knees, hips, low back, or elsewhere. If you experience any symptoms, pain or discomfort be sure to contact Dr. Maloof to help you get back in shape and painfree so you can continue to do the things you enjoy in life.

Got Foot Pain??

Dr. Maloof will cast your feet for customized orthotics that will help support your feet and your spine. We have many different styles to enhance your performance and balance your feet. This will help to balance your spine. Be sure to schedule a time to have this done right in Dr. Maloof’s office.

Patient Testimonial

I became aware that I wasn’t handling the stresses of my life very well. I knew that exercise would help me if I’d just do it. So I made a decision to begin walking!! It was important to begin-so I put on my tennis shoes and walked twice around the condominium complex I live in-that was .6mile. I felt so good. For a couple of weeks, I’d walk for 20 minutes in my complex and found it wasn’t hard to go 3 times around and I’d walked a mile! So I increased my walking time to 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. I did that for a while-I went 2 miles in 35 minutes. Two neighbors had been jogging 3 miles 3 times a week. If they could do it, so could I. I went outside the complex and worked up to 3 miles in 45 minutes. That was in November of 1997. When I started walking, I weighed 192 lbs. My sister and I agreed to walk the Rock and Roll Marathon in June of 1998. We began a simple training program 3 times a week. On the weekends, I began gradually to extend my time and distance. I completed my first marathon in 7 hours 26 minutes, at age 44 and I weighed 170 lbs. In June of 1999, I walked/jogged the Rock and Roll Marathon in 6 hrs. 22 min. weighing 142 lbs. In June of 2000, I jogged/walked the same marathon, completing it in 5 hrs. 19 min.! Throughout this time, Dr. Maloof provided fabulous chiropractic care that kept my hips, knees and feet in alignment and pain free. Beginning again to exercise was one of the best decisions I’ve made. If I can do it, you can too! Start small-one step at a time! And be persistent!

Mary P.

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