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One Vote Can Make A Difference
This time, your vote values your beliefs, your convictions.  Ask the question: Is America finished with God? Over the next few days as we vote and pray, we can send a strong message to the watching world that we are still One Nation Under God.

The Two Most Important Words... Thank You!
When you wake up every morning, the first thought in your mind should be "thank you".  This will get your day off to a wonderful start.  Take a few minutes to stretch and at the same time you can start saying out loud what you are grateful for and this will set the tone for a healthy body and mind.

Remember, Thanksgiving only comes once a year.  Why wait?  Practice Thanksliving everyday!

Live In The Present
There's no place to get to. You're already there!

You've probably heard, "It's the journey, not the destination." Do you believe it? Then why all the fuss? A few reminders:

Slow down. Drive the speed limit. Start sooner. In fact, get there early and practice some of the tips below.

Breathe. Shallow breathing won't do. Expand your lungs to their fullest. Try it now. Feel the tingling? That's called being fully alive.

Chew more slowly. Learn more about the slow food movement. Discover what food really tastes like. You should, because after all, you're asking it to become part of you!

Notice. Don't just see, but observe. Don't just hear, but listen. Only when you slow down can you pick up the subtle nuances of shadows and sounds.

Become present. Living in the future is a dangerous choice. It accelerates aging and you miss the gift we call the present.

Nine Requirements For Contented Living
Health-enough to make work a pleasure  

enough to support my needs

enough to battle difficulties and overcome them

enough to confess my "sins" and forsake them

enough to toil until some good is accomplished

enough to see some good in my neighbor

enough to make me useful and helpful to others

enough to make real things of God

enough to remove all anxious fear of the future

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." - Albert Einstein

"I believe it is better to learn what is probable about important matters than to be certain about trivial ones." - Ian Stevenson

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." - Groucho Marx

Begin now, not tomorrow, not next week, but today to make this day count. Remember yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Today is all we have.

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