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I am very excited that I have created "Living the Lovenergy Principle" Restoring the Hearts and Souls of the World.  With Love and Energy combined, almost anything you want in life is possible.  Dr. Catherine Maloof shares the nine most important principles to bring more energy and love into your life.  By practicing the Lovenergy principle together, we can restore the hearts, souls and create a kinder, gentler, more loving world.  I have been writing a book on this principle and these are the nine chapters.  With your support and prayers, I plan on publishing this book in 2011!  Please read and share with your family and friends so they can be inspired with you.

Living the Lovenergy Principle...
Dr. Maloof's Nine Lovenergy Principles
Let Go of The Past
Forgive those who have hurt you and send them love
Live in the present

Open our Heart To Others
Love with unexpected return
Hug someone today - Send a love note

Victory Can Be Yours With A Very Giving Heart
Time=Love   Give freely of your time
Take time to smile, to laugh, to spread joy and love

Energize Your Body Daily
Through chiropractic care, exercise, diet, and mindset
Move more, eat healthy, exercise, stretch, breathe, take health breaks

Never Stop Learning
Our days are filled with daily lessons
Lessons will repeat themselves until learned

Express Yourself
Repressed anger and negative emotions create depression
Express yourself through writing or verbal communication

Recognize The Gifts God Has Given You
We all have unique talents, take the time to discover and use them
Rejuvenate yourself, take time to read, take a bath, and take a nap

Gratitude For Daily Life
Every Evening write 5 things you are grateful for and read in the Morning
Each Morning thank God for the great day you are going to have

Yes You Can Do It!
Never give up your dreams. Yes you can! Believe in yourself!
Have the confidence, belief, and self-worth that anything is possible

I Am Standing On Top Of The World

A few years ago I woke up with a poem in my heart, and it has stayed in my journal since then.  Today I share it with you:

I'm standing on top of the world
Looking down below

Seeing people crying
and sadness all around

How can I change the world?
When there is so much fighting

Can one woman make a difference?
In such troubled times

Love is the answer
It starts with one simple heart

Touching the lives of others
That is where it starts

It ignites like a flame
Spreading it throughout the world

Yes we can all make a difference
Starting with a loving tender touch

Love heals...
And it begins with me...

Hope And Carrie's Story... Yes You Can Do It!

A dream was planted when I was in 7th grade and my best friend and I were sitting in a church pew. We were listening to a presentation about strangers in foreign countries who were in need and we were appalled by how much they lacked. However, we were motivated to do something about it. It was right then and there that we decided that we were going to raise $5,000 to build a church in India.
It was as simple as that.
We were 11 years old girls with obviously no income, yet we had a dream and were ready to conquer the world.

Our dream began to sprout little by little each time Carrie and I hung out. However, when we got together it wasn't to go to the mall or the movie theater. Instead we would make fliers to hand out to neighbors, telling them we would take their garbage containers to and from the road for $5 a week. We spent a day renovating a basement in order to add another $100 to our fund. We used every minute to work towards our goal, motivated by the images ingrained in our minds of people in India that were in need of our help.

After a few months, Carrie and I decided we could raise more money if we started crocheting scarves to sell. It was in the middle of the summer, yet we figured if we started now we would have dozens of scarves ready to sell by winter. We started taking a ball of yarn and a crochet hook with us everywhere we went. When we sat by the pool, we were crocheting scarves. When we watched movies, we were crocheting scarves. By September we had a hefty load of homemade scarves ready to sell in our church foyer.

We set up a table with our scarves every Sunday morning with a sign recommending a donation of $20 for each scarf. However, people that bought our scarves were inspired by our mission and began paying $50 or even $100 for our scarves. Our dream was beginning to shape into a reality.

However, $5,000 was still a distant goal, until we realized that truly nothing is impossible with God. That Christmas, a love offering was taken at a musical we were performing in at our church. Our story was shared before the audience as offering plates were sent around the auditorium. Carrie and I peeked from backstage to watch the plates overflowing until they had to start putting the money into garbage bags to contain it all. Our small act of faith had inspired many, and a dream that had started out between two middle school girls now had hundreds of supporters.

After our final performance that weekend, the cast gathered for a reception where Carrie and I were asked to come forward. There we were presented with a check that still hangs on my bedroom wall. It reminds me every day of how God can take the dream of an 11 year old and turn it into a reality. The check was written out for $4,567.75 and donations were still being sent to the church by hundreds of dollars.

Carrie and I were astounded. When we were sitting in that pew a year earlier, we had never envisioned something this monumental. We continued raising money for a few more months until we reached a grand total of $15,000. Not only had God helped us reach our seemingly impossible goal of $5,000, but he had tripled our dream, enabling us to provide the funds to build not only a church in India, but also a school building for an orphanage.

Today, 5 years later, we have received word that the buildings have been completed and that there are now 2 buildings in India as a result of our response to a need halfway around the world. We simply stepped out in faith with willingness, hard work, and a little idea that God took and blessed.

Every day, that check on my wall reminds me that a little idea, a little love, and a little faith, can quite possibly change the world.

Happy Valentine's Day

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. This quote was given to me by my best friend in fifth grade and it is still imprinted in my heart.

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