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The Well Adjusted Soul
Dr. Maloof's story was picked out of thousands of Chiropractic stories and is featured in the book "The Well-Adjusted Soul...Feel Good Stories From The Heart of Chiropractic"
The story is titled "The Boy Who Touched My Heart" and here it is if you would like to read it:

Kevin was a remarkable young man whose parents brought him from Belgium to America in search of healing. Born with a debilitating condition known as "Little's Disease" (a form of cerebral palsy) - caused by a lack of oxygen at birth - Kevin suffered all his life as he fought to overcome its crippling effects. The disease rendered him unable to walk, stand, or sit up straight without assistance.
As a boy of thirteen - bound to a wheelchair - Kevin had been forced to cope with numerous challenges every single day. His loving parents sought therapy for their son from medical doctors and healers too numerous to count! Just one of the well-intentioned treatments involved actually cutting contracted muscles in his legs in order to release tension. The numerous scars on Kevin's legs give quiet testimony to these failed "cures" administered with a surgeon's scalpel.
The parents' quest to improve the quality of Kevin's life brought them to America for intensive physical therapy with a world-renowned physician to help Kevin learn how to walk. I found out about Kevin and his family while they were guests of an American family who were patients of mine. In turn, the American family told them about the chiropractic care from which they had benefitted. At first, Kevin's parents were apprehensive, tired of disappointing results they had experienced at the hands of well-meaning medical doctors. On the other hand, they were willing to explore every avenue for the sake of their son. After careful thought, they finally decided to give Chiropractic a try.
I remember the day I met Kevin and his parents; and I knew what they were thinking, "After all the healthcare experts we've seen, what could a chiropractor possibly accomplish for our son?" I knew that God had brought Kevin to my office for a reason; and I felt an immediate, loving bond with him. I examined the boy thoroughly and committed in my heart that I would do everything possible to help this child as if he were my own.
The challenges Kevin faced were many. He always sat in a slumped position due to muscle weakness in his spine. He couldn't turn himself over on the adjusting table without help from his parents. Having no flexibility in his feet, he had extreme difficulty walking up and down stairs, and could not walk at all without the use of braces and crutches. He even wore leg braces to bed so the muscles would not contract while he slept. His energy level was low, and he required a lot of rest. Kevin's handwriting was comparable to that of a kindergarten-age child, and he needed constant assistance for most of his daily tasks.
The day after Kevin's chiropractic assessment, he came in for his first adjustment. The night before, I prayed to God that a miracle would be created in Kevin's life. Now, here was the moment of truth. While I worked on Kevin, he kept repeating "Dr. Maloof [that's me] is a Genie." After I finished his first adjustment, he sat up straight - without assistance - for the first time in his life. His huge smile and enormous energy lit up the entire office! Kevin was a changed person - as if "the lights had been turned on in his body." Even patients in the waiting room commented on the aura of energy and light surrounding him. Kevin politely kissed my hands and said to his parents, "I told you she was a Genie." I felt totally connected with Kevin and was thrilled that God had begun to answer my prayers. Kevin's physical therapist - and everyone else - noticed incredible improvements after the first chiropractic adjustment.
Kevin came in the next day and his parents were very excited, telling me how much more energetic and happy their son had become. In the following days - after each adjustment - Kevin showered me with hugs and kisses of gratitude.
After the third adjustment, I told Kevin to go home and write a letter. He complained, saying he couldn't write well. I insisted! He came in the next day with a perfectly handwritten letter that shocked everyone. He subsequently mailed it to his grandmother, and she later asked, "Who wrote the letter for you?" Grandma couldn't believe Kevin had written it himself.
Kevin's treatment consisted of chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations - misaligned vertebrae pinching nerves - resulting from birth trauma. By removing nerve interference, the function of his muscles was greatly enhanced. In turn, this made possible improved flexibility and posture. I employed many different techniques to adjust his spine, cranium, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw hinge, elbows, wrists, legs, and feet. I also tested him for nutritional deficiencies and gave him supplements to help strengthen his muscles.
After Kevin's sixth adjustment, my heart was filled with joy and hope as he walked down the office hallway without braces for the first time in his life. That day, Kevin was wearing a tee shirt featuring then-basketball star Dennis Rodman's picture and told me Rodman was his hero. As if Kevin's walking that day were not a big enough miracle, I met Dennis Rodman that very evening  and was able to share Kevin's story with the star. Rodman then autographed a tee shirt for Kevin. I was so excited, I barely slept that night; I couldn't wait to tell Kevin the story! Needless to say, when Kevin heard about my encounter the previous evening and was given the autographed shirt, he was ecstatic!!
Finally, there was only one week left before Kevin had to return to Belgium. I did my best to make optimal use of the precious time remaining. Encouraging me on, his mother regularly commented, "Kevin would walk slowly and carefully into the doctor's office and - after his adjustment - he would practically run out the door." The grip strength in Kevin's hands improved by 20 pounds after only ten adjustments, and his leg strength went from zero to full scale. He was able to turn himself over on the table without assistance and even climbed into the van by himself. He was able to walk up and down stairs with ease and no longer slept with leg braces. His feet became flexible, and he could walk without braces.
The most difficult part of the treatment came when we had to say goodbye. Kevin's ever-resent love - and a new smile that could brighten any room - made him a joy to be around. Our farewell was filled with hugs, kisses, tears, and heartache. I felt as if I was saying goodbye to my own son. With God's help, Chiropractic had restored Kevin's health, and his healing touched my heart.

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