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Nutrition 101
Weight Loss Tips

Nutrition Made Simple
Eating Healthier Foods
1.  There are 21 meals a week. If 18 of them are healthy, you'll be healthy.
2.  Eating the fruit is much better than drinking the juice.
3.  Iceberg lettuce and a cherry tomato is not a salad.
4.  One green, one bean and three colors=a salad.
5.  Avoid the middle of the grocery store
6.  Better food is fresher food and fresher food is on the perimeter of the market.
7.  Food that goes bad is good for you.
8.  Foods that keep forever should be kept out of your mouth.
9.  Whenever you're out, it's sauce on the side.

Purification is merely the internal cleansing and detoxification of your body.  Think of it as "spring cleaning" for your insides.  The purification program is different - it is not a diet.  It is a program that helps you live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing and maintaining a healthy body and weight.  The program uses whole food supplements to help your body purify and rebuild itself.  Naturally.  From the inside out.  You'll be cleansing all seven organs at the same time.  In the process, you will learn what your body needs to stay healthy, and as a bonus, shed those unwanted pounds.
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Patient Testimonial
"After 6 years of being unable to lose one ounce, I tried Dr. Maloof's Purification Program, expecting nothing more than to feel a little better.  To my great surprise, my body began to transform dramatically, and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in 3 months.  I am a fan for life!".

Peg Rose

Healthy Eating Book and Alkalize and Energize Audio CD
I have written a book "Healthy Eating One Bite At A Time" which is an easy to follow book that will help you enhance your health. This book will guide you to re-examine your eating habits as well as help you learn how to incorporate a few simple eating changes into your lifestyle. This book reveals fun and simple practices on the proper way to eat and includes some simple and tasty recipes.  In my "Alkalize and Energize Audio CD" you will learn how to incorporate a proper diet into your busy schedule with simple and painless changes to your daily routine. You will learn how to alkalize and energize your body to lose weight now, How healthy eating can taste good, and how to eat more, have more fun and lose weight!   
This book and CD are only $9.95 each and available in my office or you may order by phone at (949) 581-6543, or on my website at www.drmaloof.com.

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