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Dr. Maloof's Everyday Survival Kit For 2010
Toothpick, Rubber Band, Band Aid, Pink Pen, Eraser, Chewing Gum, Mint, Candy Kiss, and CALM
Curious?? Click on Dr. Maloof's video to see how to use your Survival Kit for 2010.

Free Digital Foot Scanning in January
Dr. Maloof believes that your feet are the foundation to your spine.  She has invested in getting the latest Platinum Digital Foot Scanner.  This new technology will measure your foot posture balance.  It will take a digital scan of your feet showing us if you have foot posture imbalances that may be causing spinal pelvic imbalances.  That is why your back or knees might flare up from time to time.  If you have foot, ankle, or heel pain, it could be the way your feet are imbalanced.  Dr. Maloof is offering a free foot scan for the month of January to get your new year off to a great start.  Please call the office at (949) 581-6543 to schedule your foot scan.

10 Rules For Happier Living
1.  Give something away (no strings attached).
2.  Do a kindness (and forget it).
3.  Spend time with the aged (experience is priceless).
4.  Look intently into the face of a baby (and marvel).
5.  Laugh often (it is life's lubricant)
6.  Give thanks (a thousand times a day is not enough).
7.  Pray (or you will lose the way).
8.  Work (with vim and vigor).
9.  Plan as though you will live forever (you will).
10. Live as though you will die tomorrow (because you will die on some tomorrow).

It's Time To Cleanse Your Body

Do you want to lose weight and get healthy for the New Year?  It is time to cleanse your body and alkalize and energize your way to better health.  After the holidays with all the foods we have eaten, it is time to cleanse and we have the perfect gentle purification program that works great and is very easy to do. If you are interested call and ask about our program which will make a huge difference in your health and energy. 
Call to order now (949) 581-6543.

If you or someone you know would like a consultation, please call my office and schedule a time.

Dr. Catherine Maloof
(949) 581-6543

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