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Everything I need to know about my health I learned from my Car

  1. Things may look healthy on the exterior but it's what is underneath the hood that really counts.
  2. Symptoms appear after sufficient damage has been done.
  3. You have to properly care for anything built for motion in order to combat wear and tear; save money; and optimize peak performance.
  4. The sooner you address the underlying problem the better.
  5. Restoration takes time.  The recovery for any given health condition depends on the state you are in when you begin restoration.
  6. An unstable car grows increasingly unstable over time.  The more your health deteriorates the faster and worse the deterioration becomes.
  7. Don't drive with the tires out of alignment. It can damage tires and cause problems with the ball joints and front end.  Too much wear on your body, especially the joints, can affect your own alignment causing problems in various joints, the spine, and the nervous system it protects.
  8. A car is totaled if its frame is bent.  Maintain your spine.  It is the base of your body's frame.
  9. There is no chemical answer to a mechanical question. No drug will fix a structural problem.
  10. Heed the warning lights or suffer the consequences of what is causing the warnings.
  11. Don't leave your tools out in the rain.  Your nervous system controls every single action and process of your body.  Leave your spine to decay and you jeopardize the protection of the nervous system.  Do that and you threaten your health.
  12. Adjusting the distributor cap sends the spark down the wires and into plugs properly.  Without proper spark, the car won't run.  For any part of your body to function, the spark (nerve impulses) must be able to flow from the brain to all parts of the body without interference of any kind.  Misaligned vertebrae can impede nerve impulses to any part of your body.  Dr. Maloof adjusts the vertebrae gently to ensure every part of your body receives the nerve impulses needed to function best.  See how your spark is doing and get a check-up today!  Remember if you wear out your car, you can buy a new one.  If you wear out your body, where are you going to live?

Have Dr. Maloof speak and De-Stress Your Company or Group
Did you know that Dr. Maloof speaks to companies, groups, associations, and churches on De-Stressing your body.  We are living in the most stressful times now with the economy, layoffs, and world disasters.  Wouldn't it be refreshing to have a positive light on the situations around us and be able to handle the stress so it will not affect our health?  Dr. Maloof is here to help and has a myriad of topics to choose from, whether it is Reducing Stress in the Workplace, Stress Tips for Moms,  Creating a Wealth of Health for Your Life, How to Remain Fit while You Sit.  Please take a look at her topics and speaking demos on http://www.drmaloof.com/Programs.htm   Please call (949) 581-6543 and speak with Maureen to book Dr. Maloof for your next event.

Rules For Happier Living

  1. Give something away
  2. Do a random act of kindness
  3. Spend time with the aged
  4. Laugh often
  5. Give Thanks
  6. Plan as though you will live forever
  7. Live as though you will die tomorrow.

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