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Every year I write an inspirational message that will be useful for daily life.  I am very excited that I have created "Living the Lovenergy Principle" Restoring the Hearts and Souls of the World.  With Love and energy combined, almost anything you want in life is possible.  Dr. Catherine Maloof shares the nine most important principles to bring more energy and love into your life.  By practicing the Lovenergy Principle together, we can restore the hearts, souls and create a kinder, gentler, more loving world.  I have been writing a book on this principle and these are the nine chapters.  With your support and prayers, I plan on publishing this book in 2009!  Please read and share with your family and friends so they can be inspired with you.

Living the Lovenergy Principle... Dr. Maloof's Nine Lovenergy Principles

Let Go of The Past
Forgive those who have hurt you and send them love
Live in the present

Open our Heart To Others
Love with unexpected return
Hug someone today - Send a love not

Victory Can Be Yours With A Very Giving Heart
Time=Love   Give freely of your time
Take time to smile, to laugh, to spread joy and love

Energize Your Body Daily
Through chiropractic care, exercise, diet, and mindset
Move more, eat healthy, exercise, stretch, breathe, take health breaks

Never Stop Learning
Our days are filled with daily lessons
Lessons will repeat themselves until learned

Express Yourself
Repressed anger and negative emotions create depression
Express yourself through writing or verbal communication

Recognize The Gifts God Has Given You
We all have unique talents, take the time to discover and use them
Rejuvenate yourself, take time to read, take a bath, and take a nap

Gratitude For Daily Life
Every Evening write 5 things you are grateful for and read in the Morning
Each Morning thank God for the great day you are going to have

Yes You Can Do It!
Never give up your dreams. Yes you can! Believe in yourself!
Have the confidence, belief, and self-worth that anything is possible

We are all looking for more love and energy in our lives. Now is the time to start for the year 2009. Take these action steps and notice how things will start changing. Take the Lovenergy Challenge and keep moving forward.  Accept what you have been given, be thankful and move ahead. CREATE MORE LOVENERGY IN YOUR LIFE!!

May God bless you in 2009,
Dr. Catherine L. Maloof

Dr. Maloof's Annual Toy Drive
I always get excited when Santa and Mrs. Claus come to visit me every year and leave me a big box that my patients have so graciously overly filled up every year so that we can help those children at CHOC hospital.  We collect enough toys every year so that every child that is in the hospital for the entire year will receive a toy.  Think of the wonderful smiles and joy you will put on these children's faces not only at Christmastime but for all year long.  Please drop toys off at Maloof Chiropractic...share the joy this holiday season!

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Stay Healthy for the Holidays
Please be sure to schedule your appointments in advance as we will be closing for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.  Make sure you get and adjustment before Christmas and schedule in January to start your 2009 on the right track. Also check your nutritional supplements and make sure you stock up to have enough to last you through the season. Really important to take digestive enzymes and alka-green while enjoying all those special treats.  Also your immune builders, energy supplements, and sinus and allergy for the change of seasons.

If you, a friend or family member would like a consultation please call my office and schedule a time.

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