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A Father's Day Poem
By Dr. Catherine Maloof

If I could choose any father in the world,
I would choose you.
God gave me such a special treasure,
He gave me you.
You have been perfectly chosen for me,
And we thank God everyday for you.
A child always wants to be loved by their father.
Whether near or far, you have always cared for me from the very start.
God is our heavenly father,
And I am so fortunate to have a father on earth as wonderful as you.
As the years pass by and I grow older,
I know one thing for sure; you have always loved me deeply.
I just want you to know even though I don't say it often enough,
I love you from the bottom of my heart.
If I could choose any father in the world,
I would choose you
Happy Father's Day to all the Father's in the World!

Weekend Warriors
How many of you go out and play sports over the weekend for fun and wake up Monday morning feeling like you've been hit by a Mac truck?  That is the weekend warrior syndrome.  It's great to go out and have fun, I encourage it.  Play golf with your buddies, shoot baskets with your kids, kick the soccer ball around, play on a softball league or whatever sport you enjoy.

There are a few precautions you may want to take:

1).  Stretch, stretch, stretch.  Warm up before you play and most importantly stretch after.
      Dr. Maloof has different stretch handouts for all sports available at her office.

2).  Drink plenty of water while exercising. Hydrate your body.
3).  If you sweat a lot bring an extra shirt to change and a sweatshirt.
      Keep your body warm to prevent pulling muscles. 
4).  Use Traumeel creme (homeopathic ointment available at Dr. Maloof's), before you play.
      Put on the areas of your body that normally get sore.  Also, put on again after you shower.
5).  Ice. Always use ice for an injury, when you feel soreness.  20 minutes every 2 hours.
6).  Come in for regular chiropractic care to keep your body in alignment, which is #1 to prevent sports injuries

Improve Your Athletic Performance
Would you like to swim faster lap times? Reduce your golf handicap?  Or, maybe you would like to improve your tennis game. You can!  And, you can do it without changing your current nutrition or training program.

          How?   Well...read on!

Not too long ago, a group of athletes were recruited to participate in a study.  A variety of sports activities were represented and none had ever had any chiropractic care!  Half of the participants were placed on a chiropractic evaluation and care program.  The other half continued with their normal activities.

The group receiving chiropractic care was instructed not to change their habits - other than the chiropractic care provided during the twelve week study.  Here's the result: The chiropractic athlete was able to perform 16.7% better from his original athletic abilities!

Think about it.  No change in diet.  No change in exercise.  No change in activities.  Just the addition of chiropractic and they could outperform their previous abilities by almost seventeen percent!

Why Chiropractic?
The more active you are - at work or play - the more likely you'll have some sort of misalignment problem in your back.  And, while many people will not even be aware of the problem - until they get a sore neck or backache - the fact is that these misalignments can apply pressure to your nerves.  The results?  Well, think of it like this: What happens when you get a kink in the garden hose while watering?  Right...the flow of water is reduced.  Now, if you apply a little pressure or get a little kink with a nerve - the flow of energy and the ability to communicate with your body is affected.  Locating this misalignment is the specialty of the chiropractor.  Once located, the chiropractor can make the correct adjustment.

Focus on the positive
Attitude of Gratitude
Time for yourself
Help Others
Experience Love
Remember Your Family

Father's Day Special
Father's Day is coming near, why not give the gift of good health to someone dear.
Maloof Chiropractic is honoring Fathers for the month of June.  They will receive a consultation at no charge with Dr. Maloof. 
Why wait? Do it now! Take charge of your health today.  Call our office for an appointment at (949) 581-6543.

Dr. Catherine Maloof
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