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Dr. Maloof’s Tips To Improve Your Health and Energy

Table of Contents

·        Healthy Back Tip

·        Healthy Eating Tip

·        Stress and Energy Tip

·        Exercise Tip

·        Positive Affirmation

·        7 Day Challenge

·        Special Offers

Healthy Back Tip

Every one to two hours throughout the day you should take a 5 minute break to do stretches for your neck, shoulders, leg and lower back while also taking deep breaths to relax the muscles.  Taking a health break will increase the oxygen to your brain and give you increased energy and prevent tightness in your back and neck. Then ask yourself: Did I take my health breaks today and feel more relaxed at the end of the day?

Healthy Eating Tip

Lower the amounts of white flour, white sugar, and caffeine from your diet.  Reduce these items from your diet gradually as many of these foods are addictive. Initially this may shock your system, but in the long run you will be a much healthier person.  Chemicals in foods can create dis-ease in your body over time  Ask yourself: Did I eat healthier foods today and feel better about the change?

Stress and Energy Tip

Take two golf balls and roll them under your feet while sitting at your desk at work or while at home relaxing.  There are two hundred nerve endings on the bottom of your feet and this will stimulate them and help relax your body. Ask yourself: Have you lightened the pressure off your feet today?

Exercise Tip

Contract your abdominal muscles and hold for a count of ten and relax.  This can be done while sitting in your car, at work, or while waiting in line.  You can repeat this exercise throughout the day.  Tightening your abdominal muscles will help strengthen your back and improve your posture. Ask yourself: Are you ready to get washboard abs?

Positive Affirmation

Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself “I love me”.  Until you can look yourself in the eye and really love yourself you will be unable to give love to others. Ask yourself: Do I love me and who can I love today?

7 Day Challenge

I encourage you to take these tips and start implementing them into your life NOW! Take the 7 day challenge.  Do these tips daily for 7 days and see if you feel more energy, less stress and an overall sense of well being.  I would love to hear from you so please email me the results and I will encourage you to continue this way for life!  Great health is a positive addiction!

Special Offers

I have the tools to help you follow through with your 7 day challenge and to keep you motivated to continue. I have books and videos that will give you more health and stretch tips, positive affirmations, great recipes and much more.  For the next week only you can receive my 2 books and Stretch DVD for only $39.95, and you will receive my 10 Minutes to Better Health DVD absolutely free! You save over $20. The 10 minutes to better health shows you pressure point therapy to reduce headaches, fit while you sit, exercises you can do at your desk, how to set up your workstation and much more. Please call my office and let them know you would like this special offer. Books: Healthy Eating One Bite At A Time and Renew Your Heart One Beat At  A Time

DVD: Stretching Made Easy One Day At A Time and 10 Minutes To Better Health

Please take advantage of this great offer.  Start your 7 day challenge today!

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