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September is Children’s Month

Dr. Maloof is offering Free Chiropractic and Scoliosis Examinations in September so our kids can grow up to be healthy. Do you want your child to grow up with the same health problems you are facing today? Save them a lifetime of problems. You can make the difference in their life TODAY!!!! Don’t wait…have your kids checked before it’s too late. Be sure to refer children in this month to be checked by Dr. Maloof.

Congratulations to my niece Hope

My sister Maureen nominated my niece Hope for the Kohl’s, Kids Who Care and she was a National Winner! Hope is 12 years old and last year a missionary came to her church and was talking about how they wanted to raise money to build schools and churches in India. She got excited and began doing jobs in the neighborhood and then knitting scarves, and selling them to raise money, for the kids. She was then the lead in the church musical at Christmas and they raised money there as well. So far she has raised $15,000 so now she will have a school and church in her name. If anyone is interested in helping Hope raise more money for kids in India, please contact me. I believe one person can make a difference and I am so proud of her being such a role model for other kids.

Your Children May Inherit Your Spinal Weakness

Your children inherit many physical characteristics and traits from you including strengths and weaknesses of your spinal columns. Just as the shape of their noses, color of their eyes, curly hair or skeletal frames can be inherited, so can curvatures or weak areas in their spines. This is evident in all of Nature…red Winesap apple seeds produce trees that bear only Winesap apples, round watermelon seeds produce vines which bear round watermelons.


If so, your children may have a tendency to inherit the same or corresponding problems, just as you may have similarly inherited your spinal weakness from your parents…or the accumulated weaknesses of several generations. Ask yourself these questions:what illnesses did my own parents and grandparents have? How long did they live? The answers may furnish clues to your children’s present-day strengths and/or weaknesses. If you suffer from attacks of headaches, backaches, nervousness, shoulder pains, leg or arm aches, bursitis, constipation, stomach trouble…or any much of a longer list of common physical complaints…your own children may certainly be subject to these same disease conditions. Natural parental concerns compels you to prevent your children from experiencing the same distressing health problems you have now.


As Chiropractic has grown, it has continued to place greater emphasis on the PREVENTION of spinal problems which can in turn, cause any number of other health problems due to spinal nerve pressure. When is the prevention most effective? In the formative years! A regular spinal examination at least once a year during your child’s growing years is one of the best physical health insurance procedures you can obtain for him. If Chiropractic corrective adjustments are indicated, you will have the great satisfaction of knowing that you have taken the proper steps to assure your child of a healthy body, and, therefore, a nervous system free from nerve pressure or irritation. Many serious health conditions in youth, as well as later in life, can be prevented by this precautionary procedure. Remember, " As the twig is bent so grows the tree!"


As professional of the natural science of Chiropractic we conscientiously recommend that you include regular spinal examinations in your children’s health schedules. You will be rewarded as you see the benefits from this regular analysis as your children develop normal, well-balanced, healthy spines, nervous systems and bodies.

Commandments For Parents

My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make my bed, draw a picture or throw a ball. My legs are short; slow down so that I can keep up with you.

My eyes have not seen the world as yours have: let me explore it safely, Don’t restrict me unnecessarily.

Housework will always be there; I’m little only for a short time. Take time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and do so willingly.

My feelings are tender; don’t nag me all day long. You would not want to be nagged for your inquisitiveness. Treat me as you would like to be treated.

I am a special gift from God; treasure me as God intended you to do; hold me accountable for my actions; give me guidelines to live by, discipline me in a loving manner.

I need your encouragement, not empty praises, to grow. Go easy on criticism; remember you can criticize the things I do without criticizing me.

We owe to our children to help them realize human beings are given the freedom and ability to make choices. We owe it to our children to nourish their souls with the power to make healthy choices. We owe to our children to teach them ways to feel goo without taking drugs. We owe it to our children to acknowledge the divine wisdom available within them.

Give your children the best gift a parent can give…Let them know how much you love them and how proud of them you really are. Hug them and make them laugh at least 3 times every day. AND…Get their spines checked regularly for nerve system stress. As a Chiropractor specializing in Pediatrics, I find that adjusting children and removing stress to their nerve systems, insures the best possible healthy and stress free futures.

If your child or a child you know would like a free Chiropractic Scoliosis Examination, please call my office and schedule a time.

Dr. Catherine Maloof
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