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Create a Wealth of Health for 2005

Dr. Maloof will be presenting a seminar at her office on Tuesday January 18th at 7pm. You will learn the following:

How to manage your stress

How to increase your energy

How to fit fitness into you life

How to lose weight and eat healthy

How to keep a positive attitude

This seminar is free and you can invite your family and friends. Please call (949) 581-6543 to reserve your space as seating is limited.


That is my theme for 2005. When you stop and think about your life, you can have emotional deposits or withdrawals. What does your lifeís bank account look like as we begin another year?

We can become upset when others donít act the way we would like. We can go through life frustrated, angry and agitated at others because they arenít like us. If we fill our minds with these thoughts, there is no room for love, peace, joy, and happiness; we will clutter our minds with negativity. Instead of judging, why not put some positive deposits in other peopleís lives and see how they might react toward you?

Kind words are nourishment for the soul. People react negatively because they are angry and hurt inside. Unless we let go, and not allow others to upset us, we are the ones who will always be hurting, not them.

Surrender doesnít mean to give up. It means knowing when to let go. Stop pushing to make things happen and just let them happen. Everyday in every way, life can be better if you surrender each day to God. Love and accept yourself just the way you are. Focus, pray, and meditate for decisions and answers. Letting go of control of other peopleís lives and allowing them to live their own life.

Open your heart wide enough to accept Godís love, then you can share with others. Being who you truly are with no expectations. Learn, love, and live in the moment. Surrender every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. Itís when you let go that all good will flow back to you. Get on your knees an ask God to do what is best, not your will but his. Itís allowing other people to become a part of your life. Itís letting love into your life openly and honestly and encouraging others to do the same.

I will fill my heart with love and share it with the world. How other people treat me is their path; how I react is mine. React in a kind and loving way. Let go of control. Let God write the end of your story. It may have a better and happier ending.

At the end of the day what does your personal bank statement say about you? Have you made more deposits or withdrawals from your emotional bank account?

Surrender means you win in this game we call life.

Love, blessings, and peace for 2005,

Dr. Catherine L. Maloof

Healthy Eating Tips to Lose Those Extra Pounds

  1. Add salads to your daily diet, one with lunch and dinner.
  2. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables.
  3. Slow down when you eat and chew your food.
  4. Drink plenty of water, 8-10 glasses per day.
  5. Keep a food diary for one week.
  6. Choose olive oil over other vegetable oils
  7. Eat your largest meal at lunch time.
  8. Try not to eat past 8pm, preferably 7pm.
  9. Avoid dairy products especially if you have respiratory ailments.
  10. Plan your eating out with healthier choices.

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