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I wanted to share with you a summary of what I have learned over the last 15 years in my practice after working with thousands of patients helping them achieve optimum health. I have studied many Chiropractic techniques as well as other Natural forms of health care and have experienced them first hand. I have personally tried many diets on the market and found what works best and I have been exercising my entire life with sports and physical fitness training. Now, I want to share with you the 5 steps that I practice on a daily basis so that I can be the best person to help all cases and conditions to "Heal The Planet," teach others and give them the tools they need to obtain a higher level of wellness for themselves. Please share this information with your family, friends, and coworkers.


The spine is the center of life. Your nerve impulses flow through your spine to every organ, muscle and tissue in your body. If your nerve impulses are not flowing properly from your brain to your body then your body does not function properly. There are 3 main areas of health: Physical, Emotional and Chemical. Your nerve impulses can be affected by physical trauma, beginning with the birth process which can put pressure on your neck, then you have slips and falls, sports injuries, accidents, sitting at your computer,etc… Then you have emotional trauma from past hurts, death of loved ones, and stress of everyday life. The third is chemical/nutritional trauma from the air that you breathe and the food that you eat. The problem is that your nerve impulses can be blocked for 10, 20 or 30 years before you have any signs or symptoms. Most people are so used to their pain and headaches they think it is normal or that their aches and pains are a sign of aging. WRONG! They think taking advil or Tylenol is not a drug, it is and every drug has a side effect. Stop masking the pain and get it corrected. First your spine needs to be analyzed to find out where the nerve impulses are not working and my job is to open up the nerve channels and allow the body to heal itself. If you are suffering, aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have your nerve impulses checked you’ll be glad you did!


Have you ever been told by a doctor you will just have to live with this problem there is nothing that we can do, and you accept that as truth. I am here to tell you to change your mindset there is nothing that cannot be helped if you are willing to accept the challenge. I thrive on helping people that have been to many Chiropractors, Accupuncturists, Medical Doctors and Specialists and have not gotten results. I have dedicated my life to help others and I am always studying and learning everyday the latest techniques to give you the finest care possible.

If you want help, come to me believing that it is possible. This is the first step. See for yourself as well. What do you love to do that you have been unable to do because of your pain? Maybe it is golf or tennis, horseback riding, walking your dog, playing with your kids or grandkids. You have accepted that this is the way life has to be. Take pain pills and live your life day to day. If you believe that you can do anything you desire I AM HERE TO HELP! Remember what you think about you bring about, so start flooding your mind with positive and loving thoughts and the people around you will be happier too!


I used to workout two hours everyday seven days a week, from weightlifting to cardiokick, swimming, rowing…I’ve tried all kinds of exercise equipment and here is my conclusion on the fastest and easiest way to stay fit that only takes about 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day, or longer if you like, the choice is yours.


First of all STRETCHING is key to maintaining proper spinal balance and preventing injuries. Most injuries occur in the morning when your back is the stiffest and weakest because at night your disc spaces fill up with fluid and swell putting pressure on spinal nerves. It is important to stretch in the morning which I have been doing my whole life, my patients that stretch and follow my stretch video (which I have special stretches to help keep your spine in balance), hold their adjustments longer, are more flexible, and feel better. Also stretching before and after a workout or playing sports will help prevent sports injuries.

Stretching Made Easy Video is available at my office, by phone or online


Rebounding has been the overall BEST PIECE OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT I HAVE EVER OWNED. I discovered it two years ago and have done it everyday since. It is fun, easy, and highly effective. It is aerobic exercise and cellular exercise combined. It works every cell in your body and strengthens your muscles externally and internally. It Builds up your immune system and it is the only exercise that flushes out your lymphatic system (which is key to cancer prevention). You can jump and run without stress to your ankles and knees and spine and you burn more calories too!

I am a distributor for the Needak Rebounder which is the best on the market and which allows me to get them for you at wholesale price and can be shipped directly to your home.

I have one at my office to try out, and again you can order by calling my office.


Alkalize and Energize Principle

Do you want to feel great and lose weight the natural way? What if the foods you thought were good for you are making you sick? Remember the "Four basic Food groups"? You were taught you would be healthy if you ate a "balanced diet" of Meat, Dairy, Fruits/Vegetables and Breads/Cereals. So why are people in America getting sicker and more obese everyday? The "Standard American Diet" is making them sick, because it acidifies the body and makes it toxic.

The problem is excess protein. New research has led to an amazing discovery. Eating too much of a good thing, protein, causes excess acid to accumulate in our bodies, leading to toxicity and disease. Here’s how it works: Our cells are designed to be 70%-80% water and 10%-20% protein. But when we consume too much protein, our cells become congested with excess protein. This forces the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of our body’s life sustaining fluids, which are normally alkaline, down to abnormal, cell-stifling, disease-producing levels of toxic acidity.

Alkalize your Body

The key is to Alkalize your body to create more energy and better health. Alkaline foods consist of fruits and vegetables. You can have fresh salads, fruits, vegetable juices and fruit smoothies as well. It makes a world of difference in your energy, vitality and health. The products I have available in my office to alkalize your body are Alka-Green which are tablets you can take which are 100% organic barley green. I have tried many products on the market and I find this to work best. Alka-Slim is an alkalizing protein powder you can mix with fruit or juice tastes great and you get the protein without the acid effects. A great drink to start your day or and afternoon pick me up.

Enzymes the Spark of Life

All of life’s processes, from birth to death, depend on the actions of enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for the functions of every system in our bodies. Enzymes allow us to be able to digest and absorb our food. However, many people do not realize that enzymes also make it possible for us to see, hear, smell, taste, breathe, move, and even think. We must make sure that nothing interferes with our bodies manufacturing enough enzymes, or we can be in serious trouble. A wealth of enzymes is assurance that your body is functioning at it’s best, with high energy levels and a strong immune system.

Most people begin to have major enzyme depletion at age 20. The reason for this is eating processed and cooked foods utilizes up your enzyme reserves. Cooking food over 118 degrees totally destroys the enzymes in the foods. Early signs of enzyme deficiency are digestive complaints such as heartburn, gas, bloating, and belching. Other symptoms may include headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, and nutritional deficiencies.

Consume as many high quality raw or freshly juiced fruits and vegetables as possible because they will directly enhance endogenous enzyme activity in the body. When increasing your fruit and vegetable intake it is a smart idea to take enzyme supplements not only to digest your food but to build up your enzyme reserve. The supplements I recommend and I have available at my office are Super-Digest and Alka-Pan. Super-Digest will replace enzymes destroyed by cooking and help in the stomachs digestive process. Alka-Pan will clean up any undigested protein in your system and will reduce stress in the body and aid digestion.

Healthy Eating, One Bite At A Time is a book with simple steps to improve your eating, healthy and easy recipes, and a food journal to keep track of your diet. Available at my office, by phone or online.


Have faith in God; you need to believe in a higher power that is greater than yourself. You should wake up every morning and be thankful in advance for the wonderful day you are about to have. Remember everyday above ground is a great day, so get that attitude of gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal and write every evening 5 things that I am grateful for, and then wake up in the morning and read them and start my day out right.

We are all worthy of God’s love and perfect health, it is right there waiting for us, we just need to accept it and receive it. Have Faith, Focus, and Follow Through,

Renew Your Heart One Beat At A Time is a book of quotes and questions where you can keep a journal, and a way to keep your mind focused on the positive. Also available at my office, phone or online.

As you can see I have created all the tools to help you achieve Optimum Health. Now it is up to you. You have to change, take action, and then you will be on the right path! Enjoy the journey. I will be here to cheer you on.

REMINDER: I am having a Health and Wellness Class at my office on August 10th at 7 pm. Be sure to come and bring your family and friends. Call for a reservation as seating is limited.

If you, a friend or family member would like a consultation please call my office and schedule a time.

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