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Dad Appreciation Week

All Dadís-We appreciate you. All Dadsí receive a free consultation with Dr. Maloof. She will not only improve your health, but your golf game too!!

Stretch Your Way to Better Golf

Most people take a few practice swings and then begin their golf game without ever doing a pre-stretch routine. Then they wonder why their back, neck, shoulders and elbows begin aching. It is worth taking an extra few minutes to stretch.

Here are a few suggestions to do at home or on the golf course.

Hip Flexor: Stand with your feet in a split position, right leg forward. Keep your upper body tall and bend both knees slightly. Press your left hip forward until you feel a stretch in the front of the hip and thigh. Hold. This will increase hip and back flexibility.

Slow motion golf swing: Using a golf club perform a slow motion golf swing. Move through the setup, backswing and follow-through. Repeat 5 times.

Neck Rotation: Stand facing a wall. Place your right palm flat on the wall at shoulder height. Raise your chest and lower your shoulders. Slowly rotate your head and chest to the left, looking over your left shoulder. Keep your chin level with the floor. Rotate your head and chest back to the right side. Repeat several times and switch arms.

Back Rotation: Sit on a bench with your knees slightly wider than hip-width, fleet flat on the floor, holding a golf club behind your shoulders. Raise your upper body to lengthen your spine-shoulders down, chest lifted. Tighten the abdominal muscles. Keeping the abs contracted, slowly rotate to the right as far as you comfortably can. Hold and take two deep breaths, trying to rotate a little further with each exhalation. Continue to sit tall as you rotate back to the center, then twist to the other side. Repeat five times in each direction.

These are just a few tips on stretching. Dr. Maloof has a handout of golf stretches. Please stop by the office and you can pick one up!!

A Special Fatherís Day Poem

I just wanted you to know you mean the world to me, only a heart as dear as yours would give so unselfishly. The many things youíve done, all the times that you were there, helps me know deep inside how much you really care. Even though I might not say, I appreciate all you do, richly blessed is how we feel having a father just like you.

Great Gift Special for Dad

Dr. Maloof has available Needak Rebounders (mini trampoline). Itís great for the whole family. It not only gets you in great physical shape, but it is also cellular exercise. Jump your way to better health.

Some Health Benefits of Rebounding: Tones your muscles and exercises your internal organs, aids in lymphatic circulation as well as flow in the veins of the circulatory system, lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, enhances digestion and elimination, stimulates metabolism and increases your immune system, better relaxation and sleep and tones up glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output.

Special: Only $217 shipped directly to your home (wholesale cost). As a bonus Dad will receive a $20 range card for golf at the Lake Forest Practice Center.

Golf Quotes of the Day

"Golf is a passive game, one in which we let most things happen rather than make them happen." George Knudson

"The winners are the ones who are thinking the best, using their minds the best." Nancy Lopez

"You will never even begin to score consistently well until you know exactly how far you can hit the ball with each club under varying conditions." Jack Nichlaus

If your father or someone you know would like a consultation please call my office and schedule a time.

Dr. Catherine Maloof
(949) 581-6543

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