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Lets Honor All Mothers This Motherís Day

What is a Motherís Love

A motherís love is many things. She is a teacher and a friend, someone to guide you through right and wrong, someone to listen and understand.

She can comfort you like no other, holding you in her arms. She can fill your spirit with confidence and encourage your unsure heart.

She can bring a smile to your saddened face, wipe away your tears, love you regardless of the faults you have, and stand by you throughout the years.

A motherís love is many things, and one thing is quite sure: a motherís love is special, for no one can love like her. ĖT.L. Nash

Stress Tips For Mothers


Take time for yourself. Spend a few minutes alone just to relax everyday.

Avoid eating sugar, caffeine, and chemical foods. Focus on natural forms of food.

Bring a bag of fresh fruit and cut up vegetables to snack on during the day. Take health breaks instead of coffee breaks.

Exercise at least 3 times a week. Pick something that you enjoy doing! Walking is easy, simple and fun. Take walks with your kids!

Practice deep breathing exercises you can even do when sitting in traffic on the freeway or anytime throughout the day especially when you are feeling stressed.

Keep a water bottle with you to drink water throughout the day.

During breaks do shoulder shrugs and neck stretches. Take mini stretch breaks throughout the day.

Keep a positive mental attitude. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself I look good, feel good and I am going to have a great day!

Pamper yourself. Take a bath with epsom salts, which acts as a natural muscle relaxer to reduce stress. You can even just soak your feet.

Roll golf balls under your feet and have a nice foot reflexology massage that will stimulate every part of your body.

Begin now, not tomorrow, not next week, but today to make this day count. Remember yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Today is all we have.

Women In Golf Day Saturday May 17th

(Benefiting the fight against breast cancer)

7:45 am Registration Begins

8:00 am Continental Breakfast Served

9:00 am Ė 12:00 pm Free Golf Clinic

The clinic and breakfast are completely free of charge. This is a charity event so they would like to request a minimal $15 donation that goes directly to helping the fight against breast cancer.

Dr. Maloof will be giving stress and health evaluations, golf stretching tips and much more. The event will be held at the Lake Forest Golf and Practice Center. Call our office at (949) 581-6543 to register for this exciting event.

Dr. Maloof Speaks to Womenís Groups

Dr. Maloof is a frequent speaker at MOPS(mothers of preschool children), Womenís Groups and Associations. Her topics are varied and include 30 Days to Better Health, How to Stay Fit While you Sit, and Stress Stress Go Away, Stress Tips for Daily Life. If you would like to book her for your next event or like her to speak at your organization call the office at (949) 581-6543.

Receive A Renew Your Heart Book Free

Do you know a Mom that suffers from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines,pms, sinus and allergies, neck and back pain, pregnancy or any other health concerns? Then refer them to Dr. Maloof before Motherís Day and receive Dr. Maloofís Renew Your Heart Book. Since Mothers are always last on the list, lets put them #1 this Motherís Day. Get their health back on track with Dr. Maloofís treatments!!

Dr. Catherine Maloof
(949) 581-6543

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